Synthesis, structure and properties of C3-symmetric heterosuperbenzene with three BN units

9 Jan 2015 Chemical Communications
Xiao-Ye Wang, Fang-Dong Zhuang, Xin-Chang Wang, Xiao-Yu Cao*, Jie-Yu Wang* and Jian Pei*

The parent skeleton of BN heterocoronene with three BN units and C3 symmetry was synthesized as a model compound of BN-doped graphene. Further investigation of this graphene-type molecule revealed the important role of BN doping in opening the bandgap and modulating the electronic properties.

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Thiophene-fused bowl-shaped polycyclic aromatics with a dibenzo[a,g]corannulene core for organic field-effect transistors

3 Dec 2015 Chemical Communications
Ru-Qiang Lu, Yi-Nyu Zhou, Xiao-Yun Yan, Ke Shi, Yu-Qing Zheng, Ming Luo, Xin-Chang Wang, Jian Pei*, Haiping Xia, Laura Zoppi, Kim K. Baldridge*,Jay S. Siegeld and Xiao-Yu Cao*

For the first time, electron-rich thiophene units were fused into the skeleton of corannulene to extend p-surfaces and tune arrangement in single crystals. Two isomeric butterfly-like thiophene-fused dibenzo[a,g]corannulenes (3 and 5) were synthesized. Isomer 3 showed p-type transport properties, with a hole mobility of 0.06 cm^2/(V*s).

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Corannulene derivatives with low LUMO levels and dense convex-concave packing for n-channel organic field-effect transistors

21 Jul 2015 Chemical Communications
Rui Chen, Ru-Qiang Lu, Ke Shi, Fan Wu, Hong-Xun Fang, Zhe-Xuan Niu, Xiao-Yun Yan, Ming Luo, Xin-Chang Wang, Chi-Yuan Yang, Xiao-Ye Wang, Binbin Xu, Haiping Xia, Jian Peib and Xiao-Yu Cao*

Electron-deficient corannulene derivatives incorporating cyano and imide groups into the corannulene core were synthesized, which showed low LUMO (lowest unoccupied molecular orbital) levels and dense convex-concave packing structures in single crystals. These two features help to realize the first n-channel organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) in air based on corannulene derivatives.

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